General terms and selling conditions

PREVIOUS CONSIDERATIONS: The buyer accepts the terms and the content of the following written conditions on the comercial relation among him and COMERCIO Y DISEÑO DEL VALLES S.L.

PRICING: Prices are recommended prices for the final consumer without any tax or installation included. COMERCIO Y DISEÑO DEL VALLES S.L. will be able to change any pricing if necessary at any time.

TRANSPORT: Transport and individual packaging will be included for orders with a net price above 150 € in Spain or 350 € in the E.U. (European Union), if not, 15 € will charged for transport concept in Spain and 25 € in the E.U.

UK transport cost. Retail showroom 250 GBP net cost. Distributors 500 GBP net cost.

Other countries must be consulted.

PRODUCTS AND ORDERS: COMERCIO Y DISEÑO DEL VALLES S.L. keeps the right of totally or partially modifying the product and references that appear in the catalogue at any moment without previous notice. COMERCIO Y DISEÑO DEL VALLES S.L. will not take back any order past 24 hrs after its reception.

DESIGN: All models can be modified for technical reasons, design need or improvements in general if required without previous notice. All the graphic material and technical data is just orientative and will not lead to complain if the real product does not fit the expectation of the customer.

DELIVERY TERMS: The products are normally in stock. In case of breaking the stocks, an orientative delivery date will be given. A delay on that date will not give the right to complaints or indemnizations.

TRANSPORT BREAKAGES: The customer is responsible for the inspection of the delivered goods when arriving to his warehouse. If any breakage or anomaly is detected due to transport problems, must be communicated to our commercial department within 24 hrs after being delivered.

RETURNS: No returns will be accepted for discontinued references. Returns will not be admitted without written approval of our commercial department. The products must have its original packaging.

PAYMENT TERMS: Pre payment or 30 days invoiced depending on customer´s profile and credit. In case of returned invoices the company has the right to take legal actions to claim for the total amount and the expenses due to the case. All orders will be stopped till the amounts due and the financial expenses generated are paid.

WARRANTY: All products from COMERCIO Y DISEÑO DEL VALLES S.L. are under the regulation of the stablished European regulation. All written complaints that arrive within 5 days after the delivery will be accepted. Our product have a TWO year warranty against any manufacturing defect, excluding all defects resulting from misuse and/or typical use of the products, as well as damages caused by manipulation of the product by unauthorized persons.

LEGAL REGULATION: In the interest of a continued cooperation and understanding between THE COMPANY and all our clients, every effort will be made not to resort to setting outstanding claims at a judicial level. In the unlikely case that this may happen, both parts will surrender to the Courts THE COMPANY CHOSES with no recourse to any other jurisdiction. The customers accepts all the terms and conditions when placing an order to the Company.