About Us

Our Company

COMERCIO Y DISEÑO DEL VALLES (COYDI) was born in 2012 after a 25 year experience of the 2 owners with other successful companies in the bathroom and kitchen niche.

COYDI’s sole purpose is to quench the need for excellent products with the best value quality-price.

COYDI proudly introduces 2 product lines that are represented under 2 different brands:

BAICO LIGHTING: a unique company since it’s the only one we know so far that has been born in the Kitchen and bathroom sector and allows you to have in only ONE catalogue ALL the necessary lighting products to fulfill your needs for any bathroom or kitchen design or restructuration you are developing.

We are also know for a very interesting range of MADE TO MEASURE pieces that will allow you to be as accurate as you need and also personalize your exclusive designs at its best. Our portfolio ranges from ceiling lamps; made to measure imperial luxury lamps, soffits, recessed lighting, technical lighting, bulbs, led profiles,etc..

TRASS (steel spirit): 100% STAINLESS STEEL LOVERS. A Concept brand designed and conceived to experience the STAINLESS STELL EMOTION: Feeling its pureness, its strength, its durability its resistance… Our portfolio ranges from timeless designs to contemporary features. We have a large assortment of products to fit your needs: taps, basins, shower heads, bathtubs, outdoor showers, swimming-pool products…

Products are designed and crafted for your total satisfaction. We passionately manufacture exceptional products combining functionality and design.

Nowadays, COYDI manufactures and distributes a wide range of bathrooms and kitchen products which are ONLY supplied to the PROFESSIONAL SHOWROOMS or DISTRIBUTORS.

In just over 3 years, we have started in 9 countries and find ourselves at the current moment growing and expanding in other countries and consolidating our distribution in the ones we are already in.

Our goal is becoming an international brand recognized as a reference mark. Our export sales are developed on 3 continents so far and 9 countries worldwide, stating 50% of our sales volume.