COMERCIO Y DISEÑO DEL VALLES, S.L. gives a 5 year guarantee. from the date of purchase that will have to be checked by the corresponding fiscal document (invoice). During the warranty period, products will be replaced or fixed free of charge if defects are proven of being originary from the product itseld or the production processes. The payment of the abovementioned anomalies will occur under non-syndicable judgment of COMERCIO Y DISEÑO DEL VALLES, S.L., through repair of the product and / or replacement of any parts damaged and / or integral substitution of the product itself. The guarantee is not valid in case of damages or malfunctions:A) Due to improper use and / or not conforming to the characteristics of the product and / or maintenance defects.B) Caused during transport.C) Due to improper installation or use;  incorrect repairs and / or carried out by unauthorized personnel.D) Due to the normal wear of the parts (mixer cartridge, open-end fitting, non-return valves, batteries, filters ...). E) Caused by the ice and / or foreign bodies present in the pipes.F) Mechanical components and electrical or electronic parts due to improper use of the installation by non-specialist personnel or, in any case, installation without regard to the instructions contained in the packaging.G) Caused by other factors totally unpredictable and not related to the factory processes  (atmospheric agents, fires, natural phenomena and wars).H) Due in any case to non-compliance with the technical and maintenance requirements provided below.TECHNICAL PRESCRIPTIONS1) In order to guarantee a long term of operation of the product, install the faucets with a filter that has to be cleaned periodically.2) Do not install the product in the presence of water pressure greater than 3 bar (in this case, use a pressure reducer).3) The water temperature does not have to be higher than 70ºC 4) Bleed the pipes before installing the faucet.5) For installation, comply with the instructions given in the product installation instructions.6) Do not connect the ground connection to a flexural or other hydraulic pipe.7) Close the installation in case of prolonged absence for more than twenty-four hours.8) The cartridge and the aereatoris not under warranty  in any case after water has run through.Mostly if it is damaged by small materials in the pipe because the pipe has not been purged..The company reserves the right to invalidate the warranty in the event that the above mentioned conditions are not respected, after the evaluation by a technician of COMERCIO Y DISEÑO DEL VALLES, S.L.    All modifications may be issued exclusively by the company COMERCIO Y DISEÑO DEL VALLES, S.L., with a corresponding written statement. In addition, the warranty will not be considered valid without the documentation regarding the date of purchase. Any damages and / or defects of the products will be eliminated under warranty conditions only if the item subject to the claim is returned to COMERCIO Y DISEÑO DEL VALLES, S.L. In its original packaging, enclosing the proof of purchase. The guarantee will be extended to all countries. In any case, the costs of assembly and dismantling, travel and assistance of specialized technical personnel, expenses incurred as a result of unavailability and / or suspension of the use of the product are excluded from the guarantee. The eventual imperfections of the finishes and the natural materials do not have to be considered defects but characteristic of the product due to the craftsmanship of the production.